Monday, June 20, 2011

5 Amazing Texture Packs for Minecraft

Once you go pack you will never go back
By: Frederik

Tired of the common texture for Minecraft? No? Well once you have tried these wonders you will be.
Minecraft itself is an amazing game that doesn't really need graphic upgrades, but if you choose to do it anyway you can get some impressive results.
Some of these Texture packs will require Patching to work properly, luckily i've got you covered, click here to read my How to Patch HD Textures Into Minecraft

The Original 

No need to explain

John Smith's Texture Pack 

The very best and my personal favorite

The Painterly Pack

Very popular, i would guess because of the professional website and the ability to customize every single block

Misa's Realistic

Very high def textures can look a bit grainy, but beautiful in its own way


Japanese texture pack, very cool, especially if you put it on, when you've already build a lot of buildings, it will all look asian

Sevenfour's Ornate Texture Pack

Very dark! Maybe a bit too dark. But it's very nice looking and elvish

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