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Four of my favorite iPhone Apps

I’ve done the searching now you do the reading
By: Frederik 
Having been an owner of a lovely iPod Touch for more than 3 years, i have seen my share of Apps rise and fall, crash and burn, soar and dive, well you get the point!
I choose some of my very favorite apps but i left out ones like Skype and Angry Birds because i figured most people already know these
The objective of the game is to feed the frog-like creature “Om Nom” a piece of candy. Sounds pretty simple? Wrong! The game features loads of brain bending puzzles, and its great fun! 
Getting the piece of candy to Om Nom can be simple enough, but most of the levels contains several stars to collect, to get the 100% feeling, and this is where the fun starts. 
As any other game Cut the Rope starts with easy tutorial levels as seen on the first picture.
All you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen and you will get tree stars, wasn’t that nice of them?
Soon enough objects like these (middle picture) rotating handles will appear, and spinning them will result in shortening or lengthening the rope, this can be useful for reaching a star that are high up in the air, since you can stretch the ropes so when they are cut the candy will be launched into the air.

This game is great fun, features a couple of hours of gameplay, and its really cheap too so check it out! 

2Do is a really cool app for keeping track of anything, although the name of the app indicates that its a to do list application i does much more than just that.
This app is great for everyone, but especially for students like myself. You can make it show your upcoming tasks as a red notification in the top right corner of the app when not in use, as a quick reminder that you have homework for tomorrow, or the following week.

As seen on the middle picture and the right hand side one, it is possible to create very detailed todos, not only can you add the date, time, audio files, pictures or url’s, you can also add a location, for this 2Do uses the built in google maps that comes with any iphone, to show you any nearby 2Do’s.
It is also possible to synch 2Do with iCal but unfortunately you can’t add 2Do’s from your mac to the iPhone.
Overall the 2Do is a awesome app for keeping track of any thing from homework, to who owe you money.

As many of you might already know 2K Games released Civilization V not too long ago, it was definitely one of the major titles to be released in 2010, and it looks like they managed to fit the essential features of the game into the iPhone version.
Just as the original, Civilization Revolution is all about establishing an epic civilization from the ground up, by various means.
The various historical figures that you can play as comes with different abilities. One might choose the Aztecs and win the game by brute force, or the Queen of England and go for a diplomatic victory. Of course you can also go for a diplomatic victory as the Aztecs as well.

2K Games manages to match the humor of the characters just as the former games, the graphics are nice and there is loads of gameplay hours in this game.
Get it if, it seems like a game for you

Days Until is a brilliant application, i use it (as seen on the pictures) for just about anythink i look forward to, it is very nice to be able to see the exact number of days until this event.
Like 2Do, Days Until also shows a red notification mark, in the top right corner of the app when not in use, this is very handy, because you are able to quickly see how many days there are until the next event on your list.
Get it if you think you need it, you know what just get it, it's free.

*All photos (except "Days Until") used in this post was taken from the applications descriptions in the iPhone App store 
*This was originally posted 2011/01/23

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