Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Freddie Wong - One of my favorite youtubers

Hollywood action with a twist of interwebs
By: Frederik

Freddie Wong
You've ever watched an action movie and thought: "Get on with the boring conversations, lets see some action" well if you've ever done that, you might want to consider checking out FreddieW.
The FreddieW channel on youtube consists of a team around 6-8 persons, who post homemade videos with special effects, and funny stunts.

Mainly his videos are short action scenes involving gun fights etc.
He started of just him and his college friends doing some small videos for them selves but as their experience grew they started uploading quality content to youtube, and today they have had the Action Factory Stunt Team in several of their videos, including famous actors and actresses such as Jayson Floyd, Eliza Dushku, Shenae Grimes and Andy Whitfield
Frame from Chrono Trigger: Short Action Scene
As it often happens with the youtube community the different members usually does videos together, "trading" subscribers if you will. This has been a very important aspect of the FreddieW channel since they have shot videos with other youtube stars such as, WongFuProductions, Ray William Johnson and Smosh

I definitely recommend that you check out FreddieW, and support him.

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