Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Plus a serious Facebook killer?

Googles new Facebook killer, is in open BETA and i'm lucky enough to get a sneak peek
By: Frederik

What is it that makes Google + so much more appealing to me than Facebook?
After playing around with it for 20 minutes with my friend yesterday, we both agreed that more people should try this since it's so much better?

Well basically Google + is the outcome you would get if you took Facebook, mated it with Skype and sprinkled some magic Google dust onto it.
But seriously Google + is much like Facebook, it's got status updates, photo uploads, tagging and chatting. So what makes it so special? Let me tell you! Google + is a lot more personal than Facebook, because google added something they call Circles, these are like circles of trust, you can add people to different circles like: Family, School, Work, Acquaintances etc. These circles can be toggled when posting updates or uploading photos.
The design of Google + is simple, white and functioning, this is how a social networking page made by Apple would look like, streamlined and working!
Another feature is Hangout. Hangout is much like a live stream, but you can invite other people to join with video, or your friends can just watch and text chat in your hangout room. I don't really know who would use this feature, since there are certain "rules" of social networking, and turning on your webcam and inviting all your friends to watch you talk while they type just sounds kinda lame. It would be a nice way to video chat with multiple people since Skype charges for video chats with more than two people.

A really cool feature, one that i'm very excited about is googles +1 button. Here try it right now. If you clicked the link, look where is says "Blogger: Create your free blog" next to it you will see the button. If you have a google + account clicking this will add blogger to your +1 site, its much like the Facebook "like" button. People can then go to your Google + profile page and see what things on the internet you like (+1)

Whether Google + is going to be successful or not, i don't know. But i like the koncept of having one account (your google account) and being able to log in to your daily pages with that account. For me this means that when i open my browser i'm on googles homepage, here i can click one button and log into my gmail, if i go to Youtube, the same account is already logged in, this works for pictures and web searches too, and now even social networking.

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