Saturday, July 16, 2011

Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update

The next big update is right around the corner!

Notch recently posted a small update on his Tumblr, teasing some of the new gameplay features that are going to be implemented in the next big update. As it is well known 1.8 will focus mainly on exploration and combat henceforth the name.

At the moment we know for certain that the update will feature:

NPC Villages
Most certainly been added due to the huge success of the Millénaire Mod, which creates a village close to your spawn, and fills it with villagers that continue to collect resources and expand. These NPC's can be traded with to acquire rare items a whole lot easier, and coolest of it all: The recourses you donate/trade with them will help expand the city. Very cool!

A new Combat System
No one is really sure what this means but, notch did tweet something like

               - Theres no point in adding directional blocking if your enemies always attack the same way.
                 So i guess i'm going to have to add attack animations -

This sounds amazing, adding some more life to the fighting would make it a whole lot more exciting. And now that he is also adding critical hits, the before rather dull combat looks to be a whole lot more interesting.

Another very cool feature, maybe finally i can outrun those Creepers.

Randomly generated dungeons
This partially already exists, in the form of small rooms with a monster spawner and some chests with loot in them. But what Notch is talking about here is a whole lot cooler. We're talking high ceilings, lava pits, and he did mention bosses too.

Fully working Creative Mode
So apparently minecraft will be split into two different game modes: Survival- and Creative Mode.
By the looks of it this Survival Mode will be just like Minecraft is today: use tools to gather things and craft them. My guess is that Creative Mode will be much like the classic Minecraft, where every block can be destroyed with one punch and your inventory is filled with whatever blocks you want, for your unlimited creation of awesome

More farming options
Not much have been said about this feature, but it sounds immensely interesting. My guess is the addition of livestock. I heard something about animals not respawning, and therefor you would have to find cattle and drive them home so you could then mate them with one and other to continually get leather, pork chops and so on.

Some of the smaller things that's going to be added is:

  • Torches can now be placed on fences
  • Fences can now be placed on fences with out having to undergo various annoying tricks
  • Ruins will be generated around the world making you feel less alone

If you take a look at the Adventure Update image, you will see that the player is holding a torch that is emitting light as he is wielding it, this would be very useful, and also that he might be able to hold a torch in one hand and a sword in the other.

Ohh yeah and the Modding support is happening! I can't wait to get Mo' Creatures and Planes

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