Friday, July 15, 2011

Spotify hits the US

The popular UK service Spotify finally hits the US

It's been 2 years Spotify first launched in the UK, and now Americans can enjoy this free music streaming service aswel. But why should you be excited about Spotify when there are so many other music services such as: Pandora, Rapsody, MOG, Zune, iTunes, Amazon mp3 and Google Music?

Well first of all Spotify has three kinds of subscriptions: Free listen to 10 hours of music a month, Unlimited kinda explains it self, and finally Premium you can use the mobile phone app or you get to download the songs to your computer. And the best thing Premium is only 10$ (6.20£) a month.

A very cool service, unfortunately it hasn't been released in Denmark yet, so i'll just keep waiting.

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