Monday, August 1, 2011

Playing Diablo III might just make you filthy rich

Blizzard is adding real money transactions to the Diablo III Auction House

In World of Warcraft you can sell the rare items you find in the game, for virtual money on the games Auction House. Blizzards upcoming game Diablo III is going to feature the same kind of auction house, only, the transactions will be with real money.

This is going to drastically increase the excitement of finding an extremely rare item drop. The auction house will be separated between regions, (for legal purposes) but the variety of items you can buy will still be massive. Blizzard said that they plan on making the auction house entirely player driven, allowing the marked to naturally grow.

It's been predicted that the prices at first will be sky high due to the small amount competition but as more people quickly join the fun, it will balance out. When the "iPhone app store" first launched the prices were ridiculous, but over time the large number of products competing have caused the prices to drop.

But hold your horses just yet. Don't start planning buying expensive Yachts or beach buggys. First of all blizzard is charging you for: putting the item up for sale, transferring the item to another player, cashing the money. Secondly the money you make will at first only be available to spend on buying other blizzard games and later for selected third party games. Sadly no deal have been made with Paypal so that you could cash the money in real life. So ultimately this whole deal is a waste of time. 

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