Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Notch is doing when he isn't programming Minecraft

Right now, right this instant!

You can go watch Notch code a new game, for a 48 hour game development competition called Ludum Dare, the theme of the games have to be "escape" and Notch is making a classic Doom/Wolfenstein "Dungeon Crawler"

Go watch it on TwitchTV here

There is a constant of 6000-10000 people watching, and a majority of them is chatting away, asking questions, while only a lucky few gets them answered by Notch himself as he is busy coding away.

Currently 14:57 Paris time: Notch has written a sign saying "Buying food, then eating it." then he drew a horrible drawing of a burger and added an arrow pointing at the burger with the words "burger" explaining the situation!

For anyone curious: the software he is using is: Eclipse &


15:07 Paris time: Notch changed the text to saying: "I'm actually eating chicken instead yumz"

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