Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Minecraft Mod - Castle Defenders

This mod adds powerful NPC's that can help protect you or your base from monsters.

All the images are from Modsforminecraft

Tier one Archers and Knights

Tier two Archers and Knights with diamond weapons

Healer Block

Merchenary block

Minecraft Mod - The Merchant's Mod

Add merchants to the game, that you can trade with

This mod spawns Marketplaces just like NPC Villages, in these different merchants have shops where they offer trades of goods or services

Image and info from ModsforMinecraft

The mod adds

  • A currency system
  • A marketplace for trading
  • Gold Coins can be crafted from Gold ingots. 1 Ingot = 150 Gold Coins
  • You can become a bounty hunter by talking to the hunter. This will give you coins for killing monsters
  • NPC's can be hired to fight for you

Minecraft Mod - Weeping Angles

Endermen from heaven

This mod ads a new enemy type to the game, called Weeping Angles, they are extremely rare and if you encounter one you are almost certain that you will die.

They act just as endermen: if you look at them they freeze and stare and if you look away they will rush towards you.

Image from WordPuncher