Monday, January 30, 2012

Game of Thrones, Season 2 Trailer

So freaking awesome!

I can't wait, and i'm glad the dwarf got such a big role :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Minecraft - Compact Experience Grinder

Here's a video i made of a experience grinder in the new snapshot

New Minecraft Mob: The Ocelot

Jeb and Jon added a new mob to the new jungle in the minecraft snapshot 12w04a

Heres a few pictures i snapped of the little guy.
He is very evasive and as you can see he flees away from you with the average sprinting speed.
You can tame them with raw fish.
Here he is cornered

Making a run for it

His small size lets him sprint under the leaves where i can't follow him

Away he goes

Heres a video of a baby ocelot

Here is a video of a Tamed Ocelot

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Apple vs Apples

Here's a cool little infographic about the differences between Apple and Apples

Apple to Apples

Created by: MBA Online Source

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Internet Meme templates

Here are the templates for some popular Internet Memes if you want to make your own jokes:

Good Guy Greg
Used to describe events done by good guys who think about others than themselves 

Scumbag Steve
A real scumbag, often seen as GGG's counterpart and exact opposite.

All the rage comic guys





Tell me in the comments which meme is your favorite and why. Make sure to write if i missed any good ones so i can add them.

Peter Jackon's Video Blogs from the sets of The Hobbit

We've only got a year to wait until the first half of the expected "The Hobbit" is released

For those who cant wait, Peter Jackson (the directer of the film) have started vlogging from the sets of the hobbit. Not like ShayCarls Daily Vlogs, but more professional and well coordinated with different angles and lots of information of the film hungry.

Take a look at the trailer:

Quite impressive right?
In my opinion this movie is gonna kick ass. Not only because (IMO) the story is better than the one of The Lord of The Rings, but also because Peter Jackson puts so much time and work into his movies. The places aren't all just green-screens but real buildings and real sets. Take a look behind the scenes:

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