Thursday, May 24, 2012

Randomly Generated Desert Tomb in Minecraft Snapshot Week 21

I was playing around in a desert and found this tomb next to a village!
The Village

The Tomb Right Next to it

The Orange Wool was what caught my attention

You need to dig to find the entrance

Wool and sandstone pattern found in the tomb

The "entrance hall"

Following the corridor to a larger room

Wierd pattern on the floor

Back view of the room

The Room has a hole in the sealing

When destroying the Blue wool a shaft is revealed

Quite a fall

A suspicious Pressure plate

The rigged trap, if this doesn't kill you there are some fine loot for you

The hole in the top
I decided to do an archaeological dig to see how it looks. Turns out its a pyramid with two towers take a look!

I'm now sure is the orange is supposed to be symbols, but it could look like an Egyptian ankh 

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