Thursday, September 20, 2012

Minecraft Snapshot 12w38a, two new mobs, new sounds!


  • Updated and added new sounds by C418
  • Added a neutral mob
  • Added a hostile mob (doesn’t spawn yet)
  • Command block target parameters have been upgraded, check here for details:
  • Beacon artwork has changed
  • Wood trunk blocks are now rotated differently. Instead of using the player’s position, it will rotate based on the face it is placed upon. This is mainly a test, so feedback is welcomed, but for me personally this way is a bit easier.
The new mobs are:

The Witch:
Throws splash potions, which cause "Poison" and "Weakness"
The Witch often hits itself too.
Does not make any sounds.

Does not drop anything

The Bat:
Can hang upside down on celings!
Does not drop anything yet.
Does not make any sounds.
Flees when you get too close.
They spawn in caves.


The New sounds are:
Placing dirt, makes a much "wetter" and "heavier" sound.
Placing stone, makes a very low almost silent sound.
Experience orbs, has a higher pitch to the chimes and sounds more like a melody

Jumping into water, as well as being underwater has a new sound.
Footsteps are lower pitched and sound more realistic.
Placing torches sound more realistic, you can hear the torch crunching some of the stone wall when placed (doesn't chance sound when placed on other materials)
Lava makes a low bubbling sound.
New low rumbling sound from pigmen.
Squid makes a splashing sound when hit
Placing TNT makes a short hiss
Cows make short breathing noises as if exhaling quickly through their noses, they also make heavier footstep sounds than players.

There's no new sounds in "The End" or "The Nether"

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