Thursday, September 27, 2012

Minecraft Snapshot 12w39a - Lighting!

Here's the changelog:

  • Lighting system overhauled.
  • Lots of blocks interact correctly with lighting now (stairs, slabs)
  • Few sound tweaks
  • Fixed witch being white for some
  • More bugfixes & slight tweaks!
Furnaces now only project light from the front

After the fixed lighting

Before the fixed lighting

Directional lighting projected through a half-slab

There is a torch inside

Even pistons can be used to create, delicate ambience lighting

Some of dinnerbones tweets conserning the recent snapshot

"So farmland is broken. Okay, that's a start! Yay mass testing. Also stairs are darker than you'd expect but that's three characters to fix."

"Okay so turns out the fancy lighting is much harder than I thought, so that's still going to look wonky on stairs/etc for a while :("

"Remember that silly lighting bug where world would generate with big black patches? Well you may not remember it in the future; it's fixed."

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