Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Harry Potter!!?!?!

Being the huge Harry Potter fan i am this got me extremely excited, the Harry Potter fan page just wrote this on their page:

              - "Not long now until the owls finally offer up their secrets. To find out what exactly  
                   J.K. Rowling has in store, keep a close eye on this YouTube page." - 

They also linked to J.K. Rowling's youtube page which is filled with animated owls moving their heads back and forth - very exciting - 
J.K.'s Youtube Page

I'm wondering what the announcement will be about, but something tells me it will be Potter related, due to the many owls and very mysterious and magical Facebook post. Also look at the suggested videos on the right: all very Potter related, here's to hoping it will be an eight book


Hey i created a 2nd blog, on it i will post pictures of what i have created. I'm mostly going to be using Zbrush wich is a 3d sculpting program for creating 3d characters. Check it out!

My humble work

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ryan Dunn is dead!

The "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn died at an age of 34 in a car crash!
The passagers body found next to Ryan was so badly burned that he couldn't be identified. There are rumors of this being a drunk driving accident due to a picture shared on twitter by Ryan a few hours ago in the picture Ryan is seen drinking with some friends.
Ryan Dunn (left) with friends just before the accident 

This is indeed very sad, Ryan have always been one of my favorites of the Jackass boys, he will be missed.

Monday, June 20, 2011

5 Amazing Texture Packs for Minecraft

Once you go pack you will never go back
By: Frederik

Tired of the common texture for Minecraft? No? Well once you have tried these wonders you will be.
Minecraft itself is an amazing game that doesn't really need graphic upgrades, but if you choose to do it anyway you can get some impressive results.
Some of these Texture packs will require Patching to work properly, luckily i've got you covered, click here to read my How to Patch HD Textures Into Minecraft

The Original 

No need to explain

John Smith's Texture Pack 

The very best and my personal favorite

The Painterly Pack

Very popular, i would guess because of the professional website and the ability to customize every single block

Misa's Realistic

Very high def textures can look a bit grainy, but beautiful in its own way


Japanese texture pack, very cool, especially if you put it on, when you've already build a lot of buildings, it will all look asian

Sevenfour's Ornate Texture Pack

Very dark! Maybe a bit too dark. But it's very nice looking and elvish

How to Patch HD Textures into Minecraft

It is very easy and takes no time at all
By: Frederik

Some Texture Packs like John Smith or Misa's HD will require you to patch Minecraft for the textures to work properly of not.. well it might end up looking a little like this

No one likes flaming pumpkins
This happens because Minecraft can't read the HD textures properly therefore we need to patch it, using this!

MCPatcher HD is a simple program that you can download here
 - Once downloaded, double click the file
 - Let it load
 - Hit Patch
And your done!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Room Tour

A quick look at how i live
By: Frederik

I've seen a lot of room tours on youtube and one of the things that annoyed me the most was the speed of which the person filmed everything, so i decided to build my house in Google Sketchup and upload it to Rapidshare for you guys to check out!


after 5 seconds click the "skip ad" in the top right corner
then click the grey "Free Download"
wait for the countdown and then click "Download Now"

you will need Google Sketchup to open the file
go here to download it
Birds eye view of my room

Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Free2Play Games

Play for free, Pay to win
By: Frederik

With the game industry rising, so is the prices of video games. Five years ago you would only have to pay 100$ for the best games out there, today it's become a common price for medium quality games too.
Luckily there are free2play games out there, that can be just as much fun as their more expensive cousins

1. League of Legends (LOL)
League of Legends is probably one of the very best free2play games out there, it's based upon the popular Warcraft 3 custom map: DOTA. Currently LOL features 2 different maps, Twisted Treeline (3v3) and Summoners Rift (5v5).
The objective of the game is simple, for example in Summoners Rift each team has it's homebase, in that homebase is their shrine, the objective of each team is to destroy the other teams shrine, and thereby winning. From your homebase is three paths leading to the opponents homebase. These patch are stationed with an equal amount of very powerful towers, stopping players from reaching to homebase early on in the game. Each teams shrine spawns minions, these are weak AI that the champions (the player) can kill to earn money and experience. Each player controls one champion per game, that will level up till level 18, you can then equip that champion with bonus granting items such as helmets and swords etc. all of which (including the level) will vanish when the round is over.
When the map is over your account will receive influence points (IP) that can be spent in the store to purchase champions, that you can use in future matches.
LOL is a great game, especially for the price, the servers are amazing and lagg free, and everything except champion skins can be obtained with out spending your hard earned cash.

2. Battlefield Play4Free
Battlefield P4F, is a fresh take on first person shooting, it's got a twist of MMO allowing players to level individual characters, and alter their looks.
Graphically P4F is a cross between Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, it's not impressive and the line of sight (FOG) is very low for a battlefield game.
The way P4F is unique from any other shooter is it's MMO aspect, players can choose one class either medic, assault, recon or engineer (unfortunately you will have to pay to pick any more classes).
Once your soldier has been created (chosen skin color, hair and beard) you can jump right into battle.
At the time four maps are available, all of which has been recreated from Battlefield 2 such as: Karkand, Oman, Basra and Sharqi. The only gamemode right now is domination, several flags are scattered on the map and the two forces try to capture and hold them to gain points to ultimately win the round. Karkand and Oman feature vehicles, only oman features Jets and choppers.
When you level up in P4F you receive a training point per level. This can be spent in the trainings talent tree, here you can improve your soldiers passive skills, such as: learning to fly jets/choppers, learn to throw grenades, make your HUD show from which side you where shot from or increase your running speed. This aspect is amazing it really makes for some unique soldiers, and you can (as i did) focus a soldier on Jet fighting entirely.
The down side of the game, and it's a biggie: Money. Almost any bonus thing in the game requiers you to spend money on the game, as mentioned you can have more than one class with out paying, you can't customize your soldiers looks with out spending money, heck you can't even buy weapons with out spending money, you can only rent them with the points you earn for winning.
The servers are mediocre, sometimes the lagg is unbearable, flying is fun though.

3. theHunter
The best looking hunting simulator you can find, and as they correctly say themselves the most realistic.
If you are a fan of hunting, and like the whole aspect of tracking your prey, slowly and quietly, using devices such as deer callers or your Huntmate (wonder GPS) then i suggest you check out this game.
Basically what you do is, you have this giant hunting ground, that is richly populated with deer and other animals such as bears, hogs and coyotes. The different tool you have will help you track the animal and you rifle will obviously help you kill it. To practice your shooting you can go to the clay shooting range or the classic precision range. The Graphics are amazing considering this is a free game, but they have to be too since enjoying the nature is a large portion of the game too.
But hang on there! This is a free to play remember? And with free games comes the catch, and in theHunter there are loads. First of all if you do not want to spend any money at all you will have to do surveys or sign up for competitions to get any of those juicy em$. And without any em$ you will be forced to hunt Mule Deer for the rest of your life, while you can watch your bullets bounce off any other animal in your sights. You will also have stay on your (considering the entire game world) tiny island (it is quite big actually)
For em$ you can buy a 1 day - 28 days pass to hunt the other animals, if only the game rewarded you with em$ for hunting Mule Deer you could at least earn these one day passes the hard way, but unfortunately that is not how it works, tracking a Deer for 15 minutes and not getting any reward at all can be quite disappointing.
But all this em$ talk aside theHunter is a pretty entertaining game if you like this kind of simulators.
Go give it a try yourself it wont cost you

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Slicethepie - Earn money by reviewing songs

Earn money by listening to music, sounds good
By: Frederik

Ever wanted a few extra bucks at the end of the month? It's not as hard as you might think.
Let me introduce you to Slicethepie, a website on which amature musicians can upload songs or albums and hope to get a record deal. The way this works is that every person on the site is rated between level 1 to 5. Depending on what level you are you will be paid a small amount of cash
Here are the payments per review:
Level 1: 0.02$
Level 2: 0.05$
Level 3: 0.10$
Level 4: 0.15$
Level 5: 0.20$

It might not sound as much but if you were to hit level five you would be able to earn around 12$ per hour
pretty good for something you can do while cooking etc.

But don't get too excited just yet, hitting level five is not just something you do on a single day. When you review a song the site will measure how close your rating of the song where to the other ratings of the song. This accuracy plays an important role in deciding what level you are. Bare in mind that your level can also decrease should you do badly.
When you have reviewed 10 songs you will get a tip that you can spend on any musician. Should this band turn out to get sponsored, you would get a small amount of money for supporting them.

It's a great little feature, that mixed with some occasional surveys and some blogging could provide you with a slight amount of cash.

Charlie met GLaDOS!

Charlieissocoollike just hit one million subscribers on youtube!
How does he celebrate it? Nothing less than getting Valve to do a Portal reference video with the voice of GLaDOS talking to Charlie! This ladies and gentlemen is what youtube is truly capable of doing!

Check it out!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Freddie Wong - One of my favorite youtubers

Hollywood action with a twist of interwebs
By: Frederik

Freddie Wong
You've ever watched an action movie and thought: "Get on with the boring conversations, lets see some action" well if you've ever done that, you might want to consider checking out FreddieW.
The FreddieW channel on youtube consists of a team around 6-8 persons, who post homemade videos with special effects, and funny stunts.

Mainly his videos are short action scenes involving gun fights etc.
He started of just him and his college friends doing some small videos for them selves but as their experience grew they started uploading quality content to youtube, and today they have had the Action Factory Stunt Team in several of their videos, including famous actors and actresses such as Jayson Floyd, Eliza Dushku, Shenae Grimes and Andy Whitfield
Frame from Chrono Trigger: Short Action Scene
As it often happens with the youtube community the different members usually does videos together, "trading" subscribers if you will. This has been a very important aspect of the FreddieW channel since they have shot videos with other youtube stars such as, WongFuProductions, Ray William Johnson and Smosh

I definitely recommend that you check out FreddieW, and support him.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wii U - Nintendo is taking on the big guys

The Project Café is stronger than the PS3 and Xbox 360
By: Frederik

With E3 over, the internet is buzzing with excitement, we've got hundreds of new products waiting to hit the shelves in the near future, and perhaps one of the most exciting things to be revealed at E3 is the Wii U, also codenamed Project Café.

The Wii U introduces an entirely new controller, taking a lot of inspiration from handheld devices, such as the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy tab
The Controller
It might look rather large and clunky but in fact it's not. Several sources says that it's much lighter than expected and it feels and rests really nice in your hand. The two control sticks on either side slides around like air hockey puck's, just like the ones on the 3DS, it's got a fron facing camera, which is probably going to be implemented in the games in some way, or else used for video chatting.
The screen in the middle is a touch screen, that can be (at least in The legend of Zelda) be toggled between maps, inventory etc. or show the game on the controller if say, dad is going to watch a ball game, he can just switch the channel on the tv and you can continue playing using the controller as the screen.

Nintendo announced that they are removing the friend codes on the wii, and instead adding player profiles, so you wont have to enter 12 digit code numbers to find your friends anymore, this enhanced "social network" will probably feature, video chats, as well as online play.

You've never seen it this pretty

But the most impressive thing about the Wii U, is its power. Nintendo has huge succes selling, 
the Wii (1) due to the low price that could be accomplished with cheap hardware. This low price was just low enough for kids to be able to afford it or get it as a christmas present.  
Having accomplished a good reputation on the marked, amongst families Nintendo are now aiming for the serious gamers, releasing games for the Wii U such as:
Pikmin 3Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Minecraft BETA 1.7 Update

Modders, welcome
By: Frederik

With E3 over Notch can finally start unveiling some of Mojangs plans concerning Minecraft.
With the latest patch, being mostly weather implements and bug fixes, the amount of new things to do was limited. Considering that most of the minor bug fixes on the huge buglist, actually led to a bounch of larger more painfull bugs.

One of the biggest unveilings in Notch's post was: Minecraft for consoles, or rather Minecraft for Xbox 360. This 360 exclusive, is going to be specially designed for the console and will be stripped of some features. I do not plan on buying this since the original computer version, will have lots of more features, like: Creating your own server, adding mods and in the end have more features.

If on the other hand i had an Sony Experia Play, Minecraft would be at the top of the wishlist. While the console version will be much like the computer version, you will always have your computer right next to you so why play the console verison? The Experia's version: "Minecraft - Pocket Edition" will be brought outside the house so when you are traveling and does not have access to your computer or Xbox, the Experia will always be there.
But all of this would mean nothing to me if the three devices could not sync saved-games. Imaging playing Minecraft on your computer and being able to pick it up and bring the exact same saves with you to continue on the go.

Notch mentioned that he will be the games director for both The Experia and The 360, although he will focus mainly on the development of the computer version. This is great news since the original Minecraft is the favorite of most people. Mojang are well aware of this, and that is why they are starting to focus on modding. A select few people have already been contacted by Mojang, and they have recieved the entire source code(all the files and coding used in the game) for Minecraft. These select few will be experimenting with their mods, and send feedback to Mojang so they can start implementing the Modding Central, as soon as possible right after Update 1.7, if you don't know what this Modding Central is all about, it's basically a program that's going to be implemented in Minecraft making life easier for both modders and modusers, in this central you can choose which mods you want to use with your game, while not having to fear losing everything when the next update arrives.
One of the first mods to be implemented permanetely into Minecraft is the Pistons mod, adding a new block with exciting possibilities to the game. Check out this video by Captain Sparklez:

But without a doubt the biggest thing in this update will be Adventure Mode. Not much detail have been given, but it was described as a game mode for Minecraft, rewarding players for combat and cave exploration. How this will work, and what rewards you will get have not been unveiled yet, so here's hoping it's Dragons.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shaytards - Love in its purest form

A look at a fantastic family, amazing entertainment and most importantly my second family
By: Frederik

About two years ago, while sitting in my room browsing pet videos on YouTube i came across a video called -  "How To Make a MEAN KITTY Love U!" - In this video a friend of the uploader called Shay Carl. His bright mood and positie attitude made me check out his channel. At the time he hadn't uploaded so many videos, although some of his best videos as: - "ShayCarl PWNS His wifes NOOB!" -

At the time, Shay had already started on what would eventually be a hugely successful youtube series the daily vlogs: The ShayTards. When i discovered the vlog shay had been doing it for about three months, as of today the ShayTards have existed for about 2.5 years.
Shay lives the good life in Idaho, America. Hes married to Katilette aka Mommytard, with this beautiful woman hes got four kids, two boys and two girls, from the top Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard and Rocktard

From left to right: Babytard, Sontard, Princesstard, Rocktard
The fantastic thing about these vlogs is that every day you can open up your subscription box on Youtube and watch 3-20min footage of the shaytards lives. Shay quit his job as a radio host now being paid entirely by the internet. Katilette is a stay-at-home wife taking care of the kids when Shay edits the footage of the previous day just before uploading it to Youtube. When you watch these videos you can't help but notice that every single day for the past 2.5 years they have all been in a good mood, loving and caring for each other.
Babytard on the cover on James Blunt's album art

The photo to the right, was uploaded to the internet by Shay, some years ago. One day Shay received an email by James Blunt himself asking if he could use the picture as the album art for his newest album. At first Shay didn't believe it, he just replied "sure you can". Several months later when James Blunts cd hit the streets Shay got quite the shock. 

After a couple of emails Shay had gotten backstage passes to James Blunt's nearest concert in NY. There is a vlog with footage from the concert, and a private picnic in Central Park with James Blunt himself

Babytard & James Blunt

When watching the videos you cant help feel as if you are part of a bigger thing. The sea of positive comments from fellow Shaytards beneath the video makes you feel welcome, and the countless of different fan made intros to the "show" gives a good idea of the scale of it all.

What i've told you in this post is just a fraction of the storys and "adventures" that this amazing family experience. And the best of it all, you can join them. So hit subscribe and kickback and relax.

P.S I'm going to have to warn you, the show is insanely addictive, and you will become a better person if you start
acting like the ShayTards