Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Impressions

This might just be the best Elder Scrolls to date
By: Frederik

Bethesda Studios are about to do it again, with games like Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3/New Vegas, Bethesda's got a pretty solid root when it comes to the gaming industry, they have more than one proven to be the absolute elite when it comes to Sandbox MMO's, and as far as i have seen Skryim is going to surpass every single Bethesda game to date.

Everything has been improved drastically, the interfaces are much more fluent, you can see every single item in 3d so even carrots you can turn and look at inside your inventory. As seen in the video below this works well, when looking for the armor that fits you, since the menues are quick and responsive and yet very simple.

One of the major changes since Oblivion is the introduction of leveling Perks, when you level up you can choose special skills, i can imagine they will be similar to the ones on Fallout 3: Lady killer - more damage to female opponents - etc.

Also one of the issues with Oblivion was that when you leveled up the entire world around you did too, to keep the game from being too easy in the end. This was a huge problem since you would not feel the slightest more powerful at any time, this has been fixed in Skyrim allowing players to return to former locations and being able to easily kill the enemies there.

But in the end my favorite addition to Skyrim is without a doubt DRAGONS.

Epic beyond imagination
Thees winged beasts of the sky, will be randomly generated in they game and they will act according to how you fight them, they won't have fixed locations where they can land or fight, anywhere you could face one of these beasts. Through out the game special dragons that are part of the story will of course have some predetermined actions.

Check out this video with gameplay from the Xbox 360

Gameplay with commentary by Todd Howard - Bethesda Game Director

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