Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Free2Play Games

Play for free, Pay to win
By: Frederik

With the game industry rising, so is the prices of video games. Five years ago you would only have to pay 100$ for the best games out there, today it's become a common price for medium quality games too.
Luckily there are free2play games out there, that can be just as much fun as their more expensive cousins

1. League of Legends (LOL)
League of Legends is probably one of the very best free2play games out there, it's based upon the popular Warcraft 3 custom map: DOTA. Currently LOL features 2 different maps, Twisted Treeline (3v3) and Summoners Rift (5v5).
The objective of the game is simple, for example in Summoners Rift each team has it's homebase, in that homebase is their shrine, the objective of each team is to destroy the other teams shrine, and thereby winning. From your homebase is three paths leading to the opponents homebase. These patch are stationed with an equal amount of very powerful towers, stopping players from reaching to homebase early on in the game. Each teams shrine spawns minions, these are weak AI that the champions (the player) can kill to earn money and experience. Each player controls one champion per game, that will level up till level 18, you can then equip that champion with bonus granting items such as helmets and swords etc. all of which (including the level) will vanish when the round is over.
When the map is over your account will receive influence points (IP) that can be spent in the store to purchase champions, that you can use in future matches.
LOL is a great game, especially for the price, the servers are amazing and lagg free, and everything except champion skins can be obtained with out spending your hard earned cash.

2. Battlefield Play4Free
Battlefield P4F, is a fresh take on first person shooting, it's got a twist of MMO allowing players to level individual characters, and alter their looks.
Graphically P4F is a cross between Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, it's not impressive and the line of sight (FOG) is very low for a battlefield game.
The way P4F is unique from any other shooter is it's MMO aspect, players can choose one class either medic, assault, recon or engineer (unfortunately you will have to pay to pick any more classes).
Once your soldier has been created (chosen skin color, hair and beard) you can jump right into battle.
At the time four maps are available, all of which has been recreated from Battlefield 2 such as: Karkand, Oman, Basra and Sharqi. The only gamemode right now is domination, several flags are scattered on the map and the two forces try to capture and hold them to gain points to ultimately win the round. Karkand and Oman feature vehicles, only oman features Jets and choppers.
When you level up in P4F you receive a training point per level. This can be spent in the trainings talent tree, here you can improve your soldiers passive skills, such as: learning to fly jets/choppers, learn to throw grenades, make your HUD show from which side you where shot from or increase your running speed. This aspect is amazing it really makes for some unique soldiers, and you can (as i did) focus a soldier on Jet fighting entirely.
The down side of the game, and it's a biggie: Money. Almost any bonus thing in the game requiers you to spend money on the game, as mentioned you can have more than one class with out paying, you can't customize your soldiers looks with out spending money, heck you can't even buy weapons with out spending money, you can only rent them with the points you earn for winning.
The servers are mediocre, sometimes the lagg is unbearable, flying is fun though.

3. theHunter
The best looking hunting simulator you can find, and as they correctly say themselves the most realistic.
If you are a fan of hunting, and like the whole aspect of tracking your prey, slowly and quietly, using devices such as deer callers or your Huntmate (wonder GPS) then i suggest you check out this game.
Basically what you do is, you have this giant hunting ground, that is richly populated with deer and other animals such as bears, hogs and coyotes. The different tool you have will help you track the animal and you rifle will obviously help you kill it. To practice your shooting you can go to the clay shooting range or the classic precision range. The Graphics are amazing considering this is a free game, but they have to be too since enjoying the nature is a large portion of the game too.
But hang on there! This is a free to play remember? And with free games comes the catch, and in theHunter there are loads. First of all if you do not want to spend any money at all you will have to do surveys or sign up for competitions to get any of those juicy em$. And without any em$ you will be forced to hunt Mule Deer for the rest of your life, while you can watch your bullets bounce off any other animal in your sights. You will also have stay on your (considering the entire game world) tiny island (it is quite big actually)
For em$ you can buy a 1 day - 28 days pass to hunt the other animals, if only the game rewarded you with em$ for hunting Mule Deer you could at least earn these one day passes the hard way, but unfortunately that is not how it works, tracking a Deer for 15 minutes and not getting any reward at all can be quite disappointing.
But all this em$ talk aside theHunter is a pretty entertaining game if you like this kind of simulators.
Go give it a try yourself it wont cost you

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