Sunday, June 12, 2011

Minecraft BETA 1.7 Update

Modders, welcome
By: Frederik

With E3 over Notch can finally start unveiling some of Mojangs plans concerning Minecraft.
With the latest patch, being mostly weather implements and bug fixes, the amount of new things to do was limited. Considering that most of the minor bug fixes on the huge buglist, actually led to a bounch of larger more painfull bugs.

One of the biggest unveilings in Notch's post was: Minecraft for consoles, or rather Minecraft for Xbox 360. This 360 exclusive, is going to be specially designed for the console and will be stripped of some features. I do not plan on buying this since the original computer version, will have lots of more features, like: Creating your own server, adding mods and in the end have more features.

If on the other hand i had an Sony Experia Play, Minecraft would be at the top of the wishlist. While the console version will be much like the computer version, you will always have your computer right next to you so why play the console verison? The Experia's version: "Minecraft - Pocket Edition" will be brought outside the house so when you are traveling and does not have access to your computer or Xbox, the Experia will always be there.
But all of this would mean nothing to me if the three devices could not sync saved-games. Imaging playing Minecraft on your computer and being able to pick it up and bring the exact same saves with you to continue on the go.

Notch mentioned that he will be the games director for both The Experia and The 360, although he will focus mainly on the development of the computer version. This is great news since the original Minecraft is the favorite of most people. Mojang are well aware of this, and that is why they are starting to focus on modding. A select few people have already been contacted by Mojang, and they have recieved the entire source code(all the files and coding used in the game) for Minecraft. These select few will be experimenting with their mods, and send feedback to Mojang so they can start implementing the Modding Central, as soon as possible right after Update 1.7, if you don't know what this Modding Central is all about, it's basically a program that's going to be implemented in Minecraft making life easier for both modders and modusers, in this central you can choose which mods you want to use with your game, while not having to fear losing everything when the next update arrives.
One of the first mods to be implemented permanetely into Minecraft is the Pistons mod, adding a new block with exciting possibilities to the game. Check out this video by Captain Sparklez:

But without a doubt the biggest thing in this update will be Adventure Mode. Not much detail have been given, but it was described as a game mode for Minecraft, rewarding players for combat and cave exploration. How this will work, and what rewards you will get have not been unveiled yet, so here's hoping it's Dragons.

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