Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crysis 2 Early Multiplayer Review

The Crysis 2 Multiplayer demo just hit Xbox live and i have been playing since
By: Frederik

Being a fairly large fan of Crysis 1 and Warhead, i was expecting this to be great, and so far it is!
This game is like Black Ops on steroids, that mated with the POV camera from Mirrors Edge! The phase is so fast and action packed i don't even know why they added a sniper class, if you sprint and press the crouch button you will slide forward, allowing you to get some extremely cool kills. Or if you find yourself in mid air, press that magic crouch button once again and you will speed towards the ground, and pound the living hell out of the earth beneath you with your scientifically empowered fist.

The Air Stamp

Crytek does a very good job making you feel like your the only person who's got a nano suit, by making your teammates shout things like "Help! I'm in trouble!" or "Oh God!" this gives the impression that they are all helpless soldiers and you are the only superhuman, who scales buildings in no time, while being invisible and extremely fast.

The Graphics are of equal magnificence, especially the lighting is beautiful, and the textures are crisp.
They do a great job with the camera, if really looks like you are a seeing this from inside the helmet, because of your visible feet when in the air and the way you hurl yourself over obstacles.
Such a beauty ain't it?
I'm also impressed of how well the controls work, having played the former Crysis on PC this seemed much more intuitive, instead of having to hold down several buttons to switch armor modes, i can easily switch and combine the armor modes, and utilize it for my advantage.

Although Crysis 2 is a great game there will always be bugs. There is often a horrible lag when jumping up in the air to avoid a enemy, you get half way up there before you suddenly die. After watching the kill cam, nothing seemed weird at all about this death, because from my opponents view he ran around me and hit me in the back, and there fore killed me. If the connectivity was a bit better and more synced this would not have happened.
Then theres the whole aiming the gun thing, it is very close to the perfection of Call of Duty's, but it still needs a little extra love to be perfect.
These bugs/lags will hopefully be fixed before release, if not.. then i'll be able to live with it.

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