Saturday, June 11, 2011

What will Apple do next?

This is what i believe apple is going to release in the near future
By: Frederik
As the years have passed, Apple has risen to a level just above everyone else.
Whenever someone thinks of a mp3 player they think of iPods, and if one was to mention 10 tablets the iPad would most likely be the first thing they would mention
And even though Apples prices (as many would say) are overpriced, they still manage to sell thousands of electronics every month. If you go to Apples homepage, you will most likely see some kind of handheld on the front page, and that is exactly what i think apple will focus on. 
If we take a look at Apples upcoming OS update, called Lion we will see that right now that Apple is bringing the handheld experience into the computer.

Lets look at this new app called Launchpad which will be available when Lion hits the shelves.
So obviously Apple is taking the “pad” from the iPad indicating that this is going to be the same experience as the iPad
while the “Launch” describes the entire purpose of the app itself,
it is very important to understand that this is just another app and not a completely new design of the OS X, Launchpad arranges all your apps as shown in a fullscreen view, similar to the iPadiPhone, and the iPod Touch. From here on you can organize their position and drag them into folders.  

Apple added other features similar to the handhelds that you can read about here 

So what will Apple do next? 

We know that the next version on the iPhone is in heavy development, which it have probably been since the latest version was released. Rumors tells us that the next iPhone might be going to recharge wirelessly and that the A4 Chip from the iPad is going to be inserted in the iPhone to increase performance for games and heavy apps.

The iPad is going to get even thinner, this is of course obvious since Apple manages to shrink their products every time, but mainly because of some photos, taken at the CES 
This prototype of the iPad 2.0 was sent to the developers of the stand that the iPad is placed in. Apparently the developers wasn’t allowed to show this prototype to the public so Apple made them take it away doing the conference.
Another feature that i'm really looking forward to is the cameras, i believe that the iPad 2.0 is going to feature two cameras, a front facing and (as shown in the picture) a rear facing camera. 
I have strong beliefs that FaceTime is going to be available too, since Apples programs and devices are exceptionally good at working together, i don’t see any reason why the iPad wouldn’t get to join the fun, like the iPod Touch did.

This was some of our predictions on what will be happening in the world of Apple, whenever any of this is true, only time can tell

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