Monday, June 13, 2011

Wii U - Nintendo is taking on the big guys

The Project Café is stronger than the PS3 and Xbox 360
By: Frederik

With E3 over, the internet is buzzing with excitement, we've got hundreds of new products waiting to hit the shelves in the near future, and perhaps one of the most exciting things to be revealed at E3 is the Wii U, also codenamed Project Café.

The Wii U introduces an entirely new controller, taking a lot of inspiration from handheld devices, such as the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy tab
The Controller
It might look rather large and clunky but in fact it's not. Several sources says that it's much lighter than expected and it feels and rests really nice in your hand. The two control sticks on either side slides around like air hockey puck's, just like the ones on the 3DS, it's got a fron facing camera, which is probably going to be implemented in the games in some way, or else used for video chatting.
The screen in the middle is a touch screen, that can be (at least in The legend of Zelda) be toggled between maps, inventory etc. or show the game on the controller if say, dad is going to watch a ball game, he can just switch the channel on the tv and you can continue playing using the controller as the screen.

Nintendo announced that they are removing the friend codes on the wii, and instead adding player profiles, so you wont have to enter 12 digit code numbers to find your friends anymore, this enhanced "social network" will probably feature, video chats, as well as online play.

You've never seen it this pretty

But the most impressive thing about the Wii U, is its power. Nintendo has huge succes selling, 
the Wii (1) due to the low price that could be accomplished with cheap hardware. This low price was just low enough for kids to be able to afford it or get it as a christmas present.  
Having accomplished a good reputation on the marked, amongst families Nintendo are now aiming for the serious gamers, releasing games for the Wii U such as:
Pikmin 3Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge

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