Friday, July 29, 2011

Couple sells their children, to pay for video games

Li Lin and Li Juan, two Chinese parents with a gaming addition way too extreme.

The Chinese couple, who are both under 21, met at an internet café and have since continued to play video games such as World of Warcraft on different internet cafés. This has led to them being classified video game addicts. It has now reached a level of seriousness so great that they have sold all three of their children to be able to fund this hazardous habit. At first they sold their second child, a girl for 500$, but when cash came short, they proceded to sell their first born child, a boy, for 4.600$ and later on when they had yet another kid sold him for 4.600$.

Luckily the grandmother of the children turned them in. Yet they claim that they didn't know they were breaking any laws.

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