Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pokémon coming to the iPhone and Android

Nintendo and Apple are finally gonna start working together

It's been confirmed that a Pokémon app will hit the Iphone and the Android devices, in the new feature. Although it's not a Pokémon game as we know it's still something. The game is called Pokémon Say Tap and will for now only be available in Japan. The objective of the game is to tap on Pokémon cards as they fly towards you in synch with the music. Much like Tap Tap Revenge, just with Pokémon songs instead.

Seeing that Nintendo hasn't released and games for other handheld devices than their own, makes you wonder why they would suddenly launch this game. On the other hand, the iPhone and Android app marked is booming right now, so it would be some easy cash for Nintendo. Whether or not we will se a full, classic Pokémon game for mobile phones, is unclear but it would be very handy to have the game with you at all times, since a Nintendo DS rarely leaves the house, despite how portable it might be.

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