Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011 Pixar's new movie "Brave"

Brave, involves around the female heroine Princess Merida, who's is set to marry a man from one of the other tribes, as three "contestants" show up at the castle and she denies all of them.

A witch offers to help but it turns out she sets a curse on Merida's people putting them at the verge of war against one another, and it's up to Merida to find the Witch and stop the curse. The preview looks impressive, so this might just be another Pixar hit wonder

The movie is going to feature the classic Disney humor, as mentioned by IGN
"We watch as each man takes his turn, one by one, with comical results. When one of them makes an imperfect shot, he screams out and angrily throws his bow away, towards the crowd, and we hear a voice yell, "I got it, I got it!" like they caught a foul ball."

Click here to watch the preview
Pixars New Movie - Planes a Cars Spinoff

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