Sunday, August 21, 2011

Simon and Lewis - The Yogscast in real life

After a good year of faithful watching, we finally get to see their real faces

Doing mostly "let's plays", and "gaming commentary" Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast, hasn't shown their faces that much in their videos or on the web altogether. We've seen a couple of photos and one specifically hilarious video of Simons reaction to DeadMau5's Jaffa cake rant

But then something amazing happende: Gamescom!
Mojang Specifications, contacted Simon and Lewis, and asked them to fill in for them at the Sony Ericsson Experia Play Booth. And thankfully they said yes!

So theres a whole set of 7-10 videos of them running around Gamescom "trying" to be all professional. But heck they did even get a proper interview done!

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