Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days first impressions

Yesterday Steam had a midweek madness offer, in which Kany and Lynch 2: Dog days where included

I've been playing for about an hour now, which means i've completed like 3 levels, i'm sorry to say that i'm quite unimpressed by the game, although it seemed so promising. The graphics are really nice, the storyline seems interesting, but the gameplay just isn't that fun. Most (all) of the time, your just taking cover behind various objecte (a highly flawed cover system too) while shooting ridiculous waves of enemies. The huge amount of enemies isn't usually an issue, since i see it the way that there rather should be an extreme amount of enemies, opposed to a realistic amount, as long as the game is funnier that way. But it just isn't the case in Kane and Lynch 2, because the story is so graphic and shows a realistic view of the shanghai underworld, you would't expect it to be so unrealistic, and that really ruins the game. The game is really hard too, even on normal, a challenging game is usually highly entertaining, but it just doesn't feel that way for Kane and Lynch 2.

Maybe i was just expecting a heavy rain experience in the crooked Shanghai underworld. Or maybe the game will pick up later on. I'll make sure to post: a second opinions, once i've completed it.

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