Friday, September 30, 2011

Minecraft - What does Experience do?

Finally! Notch gave us a clue
Image from MinecraftModding

Notch just tweeted a hint for what experience will do in Minecraft 1.9
He wrote:

"Working on item Enchantments. It costs experience points. It's totally random. It has three tiers. What does an enchantment table look like?"

So apparently we are going to get three tires of "upgrades" for out items, i guess by items he means tools, so you can get a faster pick axe or shovel etc.
This really give's you another reason to go kill mobs.


So Notch just tweeted again, and this time he added the picture above, the way it's going to work is that you can spend your experience points on the "Enchantment table" and it will randomly grant you an enchantment, or magic. What these does i don't know yet.

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