Monday, October 24, 2011

Need for Speed: World - Free to Play

Here's another free to play game based on the hugely popular racing games Need for Speed

Just as all the other free to play games NFS World lets you use the majority of the features of the game, and forces you to pay if you want the really good cars.

This concept is really annoying as it always makes the game feel halfway done, from the developers side.

Other than that, the games concept works really well. You drive around in this huge racing city, with few cars, some cops and the occasional player driven car speeding past you.

The idea is for you to have this world with other players in where you can meet and watch each others cars and race together or against one another. The world you are in has a number from 50-100 players so the chances of meeting someone you know is very rare. This would have been cool is the game just put you in the same world as the people on your friend list, or at least gave you a way of joining each others worlds. Just like they did in Red Dead Redemption.

When you drive around the city you will find places to start a race, from here you can wait for other players to join and race against them.

You can also at any time drive into a police car and they will start engaging you. The more cop cars you destroy and the longer you stay alive the harder the cops will get.

The game also features a nice customization tool allowing you to add cosmetic parts and colors as well as new engines and tires improving performance.

 A really cool feature is the ability to add vinyls to your car. They come in all sorts of shapes, forms and sizes and you can change the color scheme, to get that perfect ride.

The Graphics are just amazing, the ambient lights and the shadows are mind blowing, making this look like a proper game and not like so many other free to play games.

 When you speed up the camera blurs and zooms out creating an illusion of speed worthy of a racing game.

The games flaws comes when you start playing with other people. The connection is okay, and it's lag free. What i'm complaining about is the way people drive in these games, with no penalties for crashing into one another, what really determines who wins is who ever had the best spot in the start of the race.

All and all a good game, I've spent some hours on it and its nice to just go and drive like a maniac for fun.

Make sure to read: Great free to play games!

Enjoy these screenshots of me messing around in my Mercedes Eclipse GT, to get a better idea of what i'm talking about.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Disco - An Amazing Minecraft Engineer

Today i stumbled upon a cool YouTube channel called FVDisco

He is an Australian guy who does these insane Redstone Builds in Minecraft, you seriously have to watch them to believe it.

He's also made the texture pack OCD that he uses in his videos

Download here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Avengers Trailer


Minecraft Mod - Castle Defenders

This mod adds powerful NPC's that can help protect you or your base from monsters.

All the images are from Modsforminecraft

Tier one Archers and Knights

Tier two Archers and Knights with diamond weapons

Healer Block

Merchenary block

Minecraft Mod - The Merchant's Mod

Add merchants to the game, that you can trade with

This mod spawns Marketplaces just like NPC Villages, in these different merchants have shops where they offer trades of goods or services

Image and info from ModsforMinecraft

The mod adds

  • A currency system
  • A marketplace for trading
  • Gold Coins can be crafted from Gold ingots. 1 Ingot = 150 Gold Coins
  • You can become a bounty hunter by talking to the hunter. This will give you coins for killing monsters
  • NPC's can be hired to fight for you

Minecraft Mod - Weeping Angles

Endermen from heaven

This mod ads a new enemy type to the game, called Weeping Angles, they are extremely rare and if you encounter one you are almost certain that you will die.

They act just as endermen: if you look at them they freeze and stare and if you look away they will rush towards you.

Image from WordPuncher

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

League of Legends Champion Spotlight - Graves The Outlaw

A Legend of the Old West is joining the League!

Riot Games wrote this on their blog:

"If you’ve ever had a nemesis in your life that made you want to call him out for a showdown like the no-good, low-down, varmint, snake-in-the-grass that he is, you’ll probably have a bit in common with this next champion. Allow me to introduce Graves, the Outlaw. In addition to being one of those crack-shot renegade types, Graves is possessed of a particular disinclination towards everyone’s favorite Southern gentleman, Twisted Fate.
Whatever the result of his arrival in the League, one thing’s for certain: Somebody’s going to go out with a bang!"

Not much to say yet, i guess he's going to be a ranged, AT champion, stay tuned for more information as soon as it gets revealed 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dragons are coming to Minecraft!

Even though Notch and Jeb previously shot down any rumors and even stated that dragons would never be found in Minecraft.

These are the tweets from Notch:

I'll post a screenshot later today. I am proud of it. =D

Do you want continuous screenshots, or wait and get a higher impact final screenshot? It's far from finished now, but screenshottable

Our internet connection is very, VERY slow, so uploading images takes ages. But here's the progress so far:

I started tweaking some code. Model parts can now contain child model parts! Minecraft is almost becoming a modern game. :D

And texturing this dragon is going to be.. interesting.. I'll keep working on this way into this weekend, probably. :-D

It's animated and flies around now! Here's an album:

Image from Overkill
I'm personally glad they changed their mind, this is going to be such a nice addition for Minecraft. As mentioned earlier: I really want Minecraft to turn into what i would call a "fantasy inspired nature simulator". 
Some of the things i'd like to see is this huge world with an eco system, the animals eats leaves and grass, the wolves (and any other pray animal) will hunt the other animals. 
The animals only spawn once, so if you find a cow you'd better make sure to bring it back to your house and breed it, because you aren't going to see that many around (animals would have to stop "despawning" when you get too far away from them)
If you've read my previous Minecraft posts you will know that i'm not too fond of the mushroom biome thats going to be added in 1.9, simply because i think it looks out of place. All the other biomes are very realistic, snow, tundra, desert, mountains and what not. But the red cows with mushrooms on their back are just too much. The creppers, zombies etc. fits the universe much better. 

Luckily the mushroom biomes can be destroyed using brute tnt force, so they aren't such a big problem. I'm very exited for the dragons though!