Friday, October 7, 2011

Dragons are coming to Minecraft!

Even though Notch and Jeb previously shot down any rumors and even stated that dragons would never be found in Minecraft.

These are the tweets from Notch:

I'll post a screenshot later today. I am proud of it. =D

Do you want continuous screenshots, or wait and get a higher impact final screenshot? It's far from finished now, but screenshottable

Our internet connection is very, VERY slow, so uploading images takes ages. But here's the progress so far:

I started tweaking some code. Model parts can now contain child model parts! Minecraft is almost becoming a modern game. :D

And texturing this dragon is going to be.. interesting.. I'll keep working on this way into this weekend, probably. :-D

It's animated and flies around now! Here's an album:

Image from Overkill
I'm personally glad they changed their mind, this is going to be such a nice addition for Minecraft. As mentioned earlier: I really want Minecraft to turn into what i would call a "fantasy inspired nature simulator". 
Some of the things i'd like to see is this huge world with an eco system, the animals eats leaves and grass, the wolves (and any other pray animal) will hunt the other animals. 
The animals only spawn once, so if you find a cow you'd better make sure to bring it back to your house and breed it, because you aren't going to see that many around (animals would have to stop "despawning" when you get too far away from them)
If you've read my previous Minecraft posts you will know that i'm not too fond of the mushroom biome thats going to be added in 1.9, simply because i think it looks out of place. All the other biomes are very realistic, snow, tundra, desert, mountains and what not. But the red cows with mushrooms on their back are just too much. The creppers, zombies etc. fits the universe much better. 

Luckily the mushroom biomes can be destroyed using brute tnt force, so they aren't such a big problem. I'm very exited for the dragons though!

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