Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4S Revealed

Yesterday (oct 4) Apple revealed their new iPhone: The iPhone 4S

Design wise there aren't any differences from the iPhone 4. It's just as slim, with the same glass front and back. And it comes in white and black.

The iPads dual core A5 Chip has been put in, offering twice the speed of the old iPhone as well as a new camera supporting 1080p video recording, and high quality photos. The addition of an extra lens should allow more colors to be captured too.

One of the major new features is "Siri"
Siri is your personal assistant, who listens to you and understands you. In Apples video you can see how a man tells it to book a meeting for five o clock, and how Siri responds "you've already got a meeting about business at five o clock. Do you want me to reschedule?" He then response: "Yes move it to 6 o clock"
So basically, the whole speech to text thing is pretty ordinary for phones and computers, but the impressive thing here is Siri's ability to understand you and react to your commands (it's almost a kind of AI)

IOS 5 is also being released shortly, which is the new update for the iPhone's Operative System. Adding features like: Todo lists, Notifications on the lock screen and Image editing.  

It all sounds rather impressive and i really want an iPhone now, but i think i'm going to stretch the purchase, in hope of a improved iPhone 5 with not just new features but also improved design.

All the pictures are from Apples website

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