Tuesday, October 11, 2011

League of Legends Champion Spotlight - Graves The Outlaw

A Legend of the Old West is joining the League!

Riot Games wrote this on their blog:

"If you’ve ever had a nemesis in your life that made you want to call him out for a showdown like the no-good, low-down, varmint, snake-in-the-grass that he is, you’ll probably have a bit in common with this next champion. Allow me to introduce Graves, the Outlaw. In addition to being one of those crack-shot renegade types, Graves is possessed of a particular disinclination towards everyone’s favorite Southern gentleman, Twisted Fate.
Whatever the result of his arrival in the League, one thing’s for certain: Somebody’s going to go out with a bang!"

Not much to say yet, i guess he's going to be a ranged, AT champion, stay tuned for more information as soon as it gets revealed 

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