Friday, July 29, 2011

Battlefield 3 console cuts: it will be better for PC gamers

The inevitable cut has to be made concerning a games graphics when it's being transferred from PC to consoles

In game footage
As we all know, Battlefield 3 is a beautiful game, and we have been told that it will also feature the biggest maps in any FPS to date. We have been promised 64 people battles on vast areas of warfare, alongside friends and foes. We have been promised, dynamic gameplay, huge physics based environmental destructions and most importantly, Jets. We will get all of this on October 28, and be we i mean PC gamers.

Sadly with the evolution of hardware, consoles can't compete with PC's when it comes to raw power. For example: When Microsoft releases a new Xbox, it will be filled with some of the best hardware around, but seeing that it would be unwise to release a new Xbox every year, it will quickly be outdated by even better hardware.
But don't worry Battlefield 3 for consoles will have almost all of the features mentioned above only some minor cuts have been made.
Could you make yourself cut these graphics?

The console version won't feature 64 player map but instead only 24 players this is due to a cut in map size: simply the consoles won't be able to handle the scale of these maps, with all the destruction going on. So they have had to cut it down to size to ensure that the game will still be fun and energetic.
They could have cut some of the graphics, but it is a way too important aspect of this game.

Free Red Dead Redemption DLC coming this September

Myths and Mavericks is the name of the next, and probably last DLC coming to Red Dead Redemption

The update will add Characters and new Locations to Deathmatch, Grap the Bag, Gang matches and other online modes. The DLC will be completely free. Rockstar says that the DLC is a gift to all players for their frequent use of the game's online mode through out 2011.

Couple sells their children, to pay for video games

Li Lin and Li Juan, two Chinese parents with a gaming addition way too extreme.

The Chinese couple, who are both under 21, met at an internet café and have since continued to play video games such as World of Warcraft on different internet cafés. This has led to them being classified video game addicts. It has now reached a level of seriousness so great that they have sold all three of their children to be able to fund this hazardous habit. At first they sold their second child, a girl for 500$, but when cash came short, they proceded to sell their first born child, a boy, for 4.600$ and later on when they had yet another kid sold him for 4.600$.

Luckily the grandmother of the children turned them in. Yet they claim that they didn't know they were breaking any laws.

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