Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Walking Dead Review

Why is this series so awesome?

Well first of all, it's got Zombies in it something that can only be matched by dragons and boobies.
But what makes this series so much different from all the other zombie movies out there, isn't only the fact that it's a TV-Show something that isn't common for Zombie cinema. It's the way it's presented, usually when you watch a Zombie film it's filled with hordes of undead being slaughtered one by one by some dude with a machine gun. But in The Walking Dead it's all about the setting, instead of the repeating violence they show you how these survivors are living and what horrors they are going through, don't get me wrong there is plenty of brain splattering action too. The show makes great for watching with a friend or two, when i saw episode one with my buddy, we were constantly commenting on the things happening in the episode, discussing what we would do in a situation like that, and how horrible it would be to step in those peoples shoes. Very entertaining! So i definitely recommend that you watch this, but be warned it's not for the faint of heart there is plenty of organs, headshots and blood splatter. Enjoy!

A new minecraft mob - Endermen

Notch knows a thing or two about horror

With the adventure update, hopefully around the corner, yet another feature have been revealed.

A few days ago notch posted this picture on his google + page

The above photo with enhanced brightness
So Notch was sitting doing some code for the NCP villages and got bored so he decided to create a new mob.

These Endermen as they are called, are partly passive mobs, they will be walking around moving blocks, and acting creepy, but if you stare directly at them (crosshair on them) they will stare directly at you, and as soon as you look away they will charge at you with very high speed. If they are too far away they will teleport towards you.

Very interesting idea i can't wait to try it out with all the other new features