Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2013 Pixars new movie - Planes a Cars Spinoff

The Disney Pixar movie "Cars" was extraordinary. I know a lot of people doesn't look upon it too kindly, but i myself liked it, and im an average guy, and it is one of their best selling movies, so..

Well in a couple of years. Two to be precise.  Pixar is rolling out an addition to the world of "Cars".
A trailer has been released on YouTube by Pixar them selves. It later has been taken down. Maybe they are having second thoughts?

To view the trailer click on the image, it's going to take you to who's sill got it up

By the looks of it the movie is going to evolve around... lets call him Yellow.
Yellow is an old WWII style fighter plane, who's got the classic "Disney main character personality", as the trailer says "all the curage in the world". He's also quirky and funny, the perfect main character. Alongside him on the aircraft carrier are a couple of Jet Fighter planes, who are indubently going to bring a lot of cool action scenes and stunts

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The animations and the effects looks mindboggelig, only surpassed by their other in progress movie Brave
I do have my doubts with this movie, although not as much as the guy at (he's raging mad) Planes isn't going to be featured in the cinema but instead released directly on DVD/Blue-ray which is never a good sign.
But nothings gonna ruin a good movie like a pessimistic predjudism. So rent that sucker in 2013 (if we haven't all been killed by then) and enjoy it. It is a Pixar movie after all

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