Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get ready for Blue Mountain State Season 3, My Favorite TV-Show!

It's like a American Pie TV-Show
BMS is all about girls, partying and adventure (and a bit of football)

The Series evolves around our five main characters: Alex, Thad, Sammy, Mary Jo & Radon
Id say that Alex is the lead character, he's a backup quarterback for The Blue Mountain State Football Team. But he's not the ordinary jock, because Alex "is willing to do a lot of work to do nothing" The only reason he's on the Football Team is the cheerleaders and fan girls. He's willing to cut classes and end up as a gym teacher just like his dad, as long as he gets laid as much as possible the next three years. And he does!

Alex best friend Sammy is the fool of the show, he's really funny and does a lot of the more wacky things. His Sister Mary Jo, joins the school later in the series and it turns into a romance between her and Alex (but it doesn't last long (remember? the show is about girls and parties not relationships))
The Captain of the football team Thad Castle is one of the funniest characters on the show, he's this giant jock, who acts like a child and screams like a little girl. The relationship between Thad and Alex is the kind of friendly rivalry, where they officially hate each other but yet they are always on their different adventures together.

Denise Richards is also on the show and by looking at the BMS twitter feed, she is going to feature a lot more often in Season 3. Don't know what i think about that, she wasn't really interesting in the series, and yet she gets a mention in every 8 out 10 BMS tweet just because she is famous. 

I definitely recommend you check it out, it is with-out-a-doubt my favorite TV-Show
Season 3 Airs on Spike TV: Oct 20, 2011