Friday, September 16, 2011

Windows 8 won't support flash

Everyones doing it!

Apple was hugely criticized when they cut off flash support on their OIS devices, and now Windows is walking in their footsteps. The new addition to Windows in "Windows 8"is called Metro, it is highly optimized for touch enabled screens, and looks a lot like the OS on the Windows Phone.

Microsoft announced on their blog that flash as well as other 3rd party software wont be integrated into to Windows 8 Internet Explorer. This is because it would ruin the experience by making everything too bulgy and slow (said Microsoft) 

But fear not. There is an alternative if you cannot live without flash. You can always open up the "classic" windows desktop (made into an app in Windows 8) and from there open the "classic" Internet Explorer. 

Images are screenshots from the video [source]

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

Check out the single player trailer for the new Worms game

Star Wars Blu Ray Remake

The old classics in HD!

So apparently a lot of people are going nuts, freaking out over the release of a Blu Ray version of the old Star Wars movies. I don't see why, some are saying that they are killing the franchise, but how? I mean, i'm not gonna watch them any less if they are released in HD and if you don't like the added parts just watch the classics, and leave then new one alone.
There has apparently been added a "Noooo" when Darth Vader throws the Emperor down the pit of
death. Pretty wierd to me but you can watch it your self here:

The release date is sometime this month (September)

Image from ScreenRant [source]

TGS: Cat Ears That Read Your Mind

This is just mental!

So apparently these "Neko Ears" or Cat Ears respond to your brain waves. As seen in the video by IGN you can see that they are semi functional, their limited movement does dull them down a bit, but else pretty cool technology!

The whole contraption looks like an odd pair of headphones but they are supposed to capture brain waves, making the ears hang down when you aren't concentrating and vice verso.

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