Saturday, September 24, 2011

League of Legends - Xerath, the Magus Ascendant Champion Spotlight

A new Champions joins the Battlefield in Riot Games hugely popular game League of Legends

We've gotten a bunch of new melee champions lately, but Riot Games decided to please us with a caster hero.

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Riot Games wrote this on their blog

"At Riot Games a big part of our corporate culture is breaking down barriers through innovation. And, while we’re on the subject, this seems like as good a time as any to introduce our latest champion. Meet Xerath, the Magus Ascendant. Previously one of the most powerful mages in Valoran, Xerath’s learned the hard way just what sort of trouble accepting constraints – in this case a gigantic, enchanted sarcophagus – can get you into.
Of course, even a chained Magus Ascendant is somebody you want to avoid underestimating"

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Looking forward to playing this champion. Hopefully in a Dominion game mode in the near future, right Riot Games?

Minecraft 1.9 Update Leaked

With less than two weeks since the last "leak" Mojang is adding even more features

The strategy of "leaking" the game before release seems like a good idea, since Mojang can get some beta testing of the next patch and make the experience even better for the people who doesn't want to fool around with the software.

In this patch are a bunch of new features:

Swamps are swampier:
A mushroom biome, Image from Minecraft Wiki [source]
The entire swamp biome has been redone for the better. Grass is darker, water is thicker and green, so is leaves, grass and vines. A very good progress indeed. Oh there are lilly pads in the water too.

Mushroom biome :(
All new things aren't always good. This biome, has large numbers of giant mushrooms instead of trees, red cows with mushrooms on their back, and grey gooey dirt. This wouldn't bother me if the ground was made of a new block called ect. "mushroom dirt. The reason this bothers me is if i'm building a castle, and trying to make it medieval looking, this gooey dirt might be located nearby and i won't be able to do anything to remove it. If i put down dirt in the biome it would turn into goo dirt, so there is no way of fixing it.

Nether Dungeons
Image from NerdRage [source]
New dungeons in the nether, containing two new blocks, nether brick and nether brick fence, these are dark with a reddish tint.
In these Nether Dungeons you can find something called Nether Wort wich is a new weed that you can grow just like seeds, but right now they don't have any function, except decoration.
There are also two new mobs in the Nether: Fire Slimes, and Nether Rods, the Fire Slimes are just like normal slimes, but they are read and leave fire particles when they hit the ground, you can encounter a giant Fire Slime which splits up into two medium Fire Slimes upon death, which then splits up into four small Fire Slimes each when killed.
The Nether Rods are genie looking creatures that fly and shot fireballs that ignite your or the ground. They are yellow and spin around, when they are killed they drop Nether Rods which as no use yet.
A NPC villager, Image from PCGamer [source]

These are cool! They remind me of some of the Zelda NPC's. Bird like humanoids that walk around with their arms crossed and do nothing (yet). One to two are spawned in each house of the NPC villages and they are pretty funny to observe.
A Snow Golem
Snow Golems
Take two blocks of snow and pluk them down on top of each other, then add a pumpkin on top and BAM! You've got a snow ball firing sentry that follows you. They are quite suicidal, attacking spiders and creepers (snowballs do 0 damage)