Wednesday, November 7, 2012

London Philharmonic's Greatest Videogame Music 2

The Second album in London Philharmonic's videogame music tribute is out, featuring soundtracks from, Assassins Creed, Elder Scrolls, Legend of Zelda, Halo, Mass Effect and even portal.

It is being streamed from Soundhound, so check it out, its free

Why you should subscribe to FrankieOnPcIn1080p

The username speaks for itself. Frankie is a british guy who records gameplay on his PC in 1080p. 
But that is just like any other professional youtuber. Why should he be on your list of chosen ones? 

Well for starters, Frankie is a really nice guy he looks out for the new players, and often include fans in his videos, aswell as giving away top notch gear in DayZ.

Right now Frankie is posting videos of the following games:

  • Battlefield 3
  • Arma 2 Mod - DayZ
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter

But he often, gets to talk about a whole lot of different games, often discussing a new game while showing BF3 Footage or so forth.

"Hey there buddy, how's it going?"

But the most impressive thing about Frankie at the moment is his insane DayZ skills. He must be playing for days without rest to be able to get that much quality content out with such a short span between episodes. And not only is the gameplay great he also adds a lot of cinematic effects aswell as an impressive map system for showing viewers of where he is on the map and what is going on.

I deffinetely recomend you check out his channel and atleast watch a few of his videos to get a sence of what he is capable of.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why you should subscribe to SeaNanners!

SeaNanners is a long time youtuber of the gaming community, he's mostly recording FPS gameplay, and he's recently started posting very short 5-10min videos of highlight's from private multiplayer sessions with his friends, so there is a lot of jokes and a whole lot of him giggling manically.

So definetly go check out his channel, it's worth it, espically if you only have a couple of minutes a day.

Harrison Ford Agrees to play Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movie!


Harrison Ford have openly stated that he is interested in playing the role as Han Solo for one last time, in the next Star Wars movie, despite him perviously making fun of Lucas Arts and Star Wars. Perhaps it is the possibility of a disney paycheck or perhaps the fact that George Lucas wont have anything to do with the movie.

Ford did mention though, that he would not be signing any contract's until there was a script and directior for the movie.  

GTA V Trailer is coming!

IGN is going to be streaming the next GTA V trailer on the 14th of November. I expect we are going to get some character introductions, and perhaps get an idea of the main plot of the game

Click here to see the stream

Monday, November 5, 2012

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Release Date Announced + Free BF1942

EA just announced the release date for Battlefiled 3's DLC Aftermath. The dates are as 
Premium members:
  • Playstation 3: 27th November
  • Xbox 360: 4th December
  • PC: 4th December
Non-premium Members
  • Playstation 3: 18th December
  • Xbox 360: 18th December
  • PC: 18th December

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Trailer

EA also announced that in celebration of Battlefield's 10 year anniversary they will be giving away Battlefield 1942 for free on Origin. 

Halo 4 Griftball Mode Walkthrough

In this video Lead multiplayer designer Kevin Franklin walks us through a Grifball match. For those who don't know Griftball started off as a custom Halo gamemode, where teams of two had to score a goal with the ball in the other end of the opponents field, much like football, but instead of the threat of getting tackled, spartans face the threat of energy swords and gravity hammers.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, "Dragonborn" DLC Announced!

Bethesda just released news on the upcoming "Dragonborn" DLC for Skyrim. The new story takes place in the North-Eastern island, Solthseim which is said to be the origin of the first dragonborn.
A dragon priest as we know them, servants of the first dragons.
"You didn't think that you were the only one. He was the first. Dragonborn."

The first dragonborn, called "The Dragonbeast" was a dragon priest, but unlike the others he didn't serve the dragons, he devoured them.
Approaching Solthseim
When i first saw the landscape of Solthseim, i couldn't help but think of Morrowind, and i'm sure many, Elder Scrolls fans will too, with the brown earthly colour gradient.

The combat system have also got a minor upgrade, as we can see here there is a lot of new armor

And lot of new enemies. Here we see some kind of undead. Perhaps some meatier Draugr.

And here we have the Goblin like creatures. There are a couple of cool things about this picture. Firstly we get a sence of the art style of this DLC. The players weapon and shield, as well as the Goblin armor looks very rough, and utilitarian. Secondly the Goblin on the Hog is the first mounted enemy the game has so far. But thirdly, which is perhaps the coolest upgrade, is spears! It was hinted at from the leaked source code, that spears would make it into the game, and it looks like it!

But the most important update that we have seen so far, is the rideable dragons. Perhaps there are different kinds of dragon mounts to be tamed, since there was another rounder, dark purple dragon in the video that the player climbed unto.

The DLC will be out on Xbox 360 December 4th, no date for PC and PS3 was mentioned.

If you haven't already, check out the video:

Halo 4 SWAT Mode Walkthrough

The Halo gamemode SWAT is a classic dating back to Halo 2, it features two small teams, no vehicles and no shields. Therefore it is much easier to kill (and die). As Lead multiplayer designer Kevin Franklin explains: It takes one shot to the head, or three to the chest, to get a kill.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Skyrim Teaser

Bethesda posted this image on their twitter, teasing a new Skyrim DLC.
Not much is known about what kind of content this DLC will bring. It is rumored that we might be able to finally ride dragons, as modders have found files in the 1.8 Source code for Skyrim, that might just be able to do that. But when looking at the teased image the first thing that came to mind, were the Falmer. I thought the helmet looked an awful lot like the Falmer helmets that can be looted from the blind creatures of Skyrim. And Looking at them side by side sure shows some resemblance. So what will it be, ride able dragons, or the return of some Falmer master?

New Halo 4 Trailers!


IGN just posted these videos, of Lead multiplayer designer Kevin Franklin, who walks us through a Slayer Pro match, and an Extraction Match, in Halo 4.

First off if we take a look at the Slayer Pro mode, we can see that the game plays much faster, than the average gamemodes, which gives the player a much more frantic experience.

In Extraction teams of five have to plant extractors and then defend them before the enemy team, converts them. It is heavy on vehicle, as well as on the fly teamwork.

GTA V Release Date Announced!


GTA V have now got a release date!

Rockstar announced that the game will ship sometime in Spring 2013, while gamers can preorder the game on the 5th of november.

The game is set to be taking place in the fictional city of Los Santos, which is clearly a copy of the modern day Los Angeles.

By the looks of these classic GTA style art posters, the game will stay true to it's legacy. If we look at the lady on the 3rd poster we got some vibes from the 50's LA, something Rockstar is very familiar with after shipping their one of a kind "L.A. Noire".

This is truely shaping up to be a cool game.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Minecraft 1.4.3 Pre-release


Since the release of the Pretty Scary Update we’ve been super-busy trying to fix as many reported issues as possible. We’ve now reached the point where we’ve fixed so many that we spend more and more time wondering “haven’t we fixed that already?” and “I wonder if this will break anything else…” In other words, it’s time to look forward to a new official update!
The changes since 1.4.2 is:
  • Over 100 issues fixed, full list here: 1.4.3 issue list
  • Noteable: The missing song “where are we now” is now available, but called “wait”
  • Noteable: Random falling damage due to lag fixed
  • Noteable: Falling damage when riding minecarts fixed
  • Noteable: Enchanted book exploit fixed
  • Noteable: Slimes have correct collision box
  • Noteable: Signs no longer lose their text client-side
If nothing serious happens, we intend to release 1.4.3 next Wednesday.
Download the pre-release here:
Report bugs here:
// The Minecraft Team