Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blue Mointain State Season 4 Canceled.

Today is a sad day.
For all us BMS fans out there it is real sad news to hear that the 4th season of Blue Mountain State have been canceled. The actors have been released from their contracts and the show will stop for good.

Here's some pictures to cheer you up:

Assassins Creed III Gameplay - Frontier, Boston and Naval Combat

Minecraft New Superflat Altantis World and others

@Dinnerbone Nathan Adams - Mojang Employee 
Adding preset superflats (  ), to go with customization. Say hey to Atlantis, in an endless ocean:

@Dinnerbone Nathan Adams - Mojang Employee 
While testing new superflat options, I made a world entirely of tnt and redstone torches... and accidentally set it off. That was silly.