Sunday, November 4, 2012

Skyrim Teaser

Bethesda posted this image on their twitter, teasing a new Skyrim DLC.
Not much is known about what kind of content this DLC will bring. It is rumored that we might be able to finally ride dragons, as modders have found files in the 1.8 Source code for Skyrim, that might just be able to do that. But when looking at the teased image the first thing that came to mind, were the Falmer. I thought the helmet looked an awful lot like the Falmer helmets that can be looted from the blind creatures of Skyrim. And Looking at them side by side sure shows some resemblance. So what will it be, ride able dragons, or the return of some Falmer master?

New Halo 4 Trailers!


IGN just posted these videos, of Lead multiplayer designer Kevin Franklin, who walks us through a Slayer Pro match, and an Extraction Match, in Halo 4.

First off if we take a look at the Slayer Pro mode, we can see that the game plays much faster, than the average gamemodes, which gives the player a much more frantic experience.

In Extraction teams of five have to plant extractors and then defend them before the enemy team, converts them. It is heavy on vehicle, as well as on the fly teamwork.

GTA V Release Date Announced!


GTA V have now got a release date!

Rockstar announced that the game will ship sometime in Spring 2013, while gamers can preorder the game on the 5th of november.

The game is set to be taking place in the fictional city of Los Santos, which is clearly a copy of the modern day Los Angeles.

By the looks of these classic GTA style art posters, the game will stay true to it's legacy. If we look at the lady on the 3rd poster we got some vibes from the 50's LA, something Rockstar is very familiar with after shipping their one of a kind "L.A. Noire".

This is truely shaping up to be a cool game.