Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why you should subscribe to SeaNanners!

SeaNanners is a long time youtuber of the gaming community, he's mostly recording FPS gameplay, and he's recently started posting very short 5-10min videos of highlight's from private multiplayer sessions with his friends, so there is a lot of jokes and a whole lot of him giggling manically.

So definetly go check out his channel, it's worth it, espically if you only have a couple of minutes a day.

Harrison Ford Agrees to play Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movie!


Harrison Ford have openly stated that he is interested in playing the role as Han Solo for one last time, in the next Star Wars movie, despite him perviously making fun of Lucas Arts and Star Wars. Perhaps it is the possibility of a disney paycheck or perhaps the fact that George Lucas wont have anything to do with the movie.

Ford did mention though, that he would not be signing any contract's until there was a script and directior for the movie.  

GTA V Trailer is coming!

IGN is going to be streaming the next GTA V trailer on the 14th of November. I expect we are going to get some character introductions, and perhaps get an idea of the main plot of the game

Click here to see the stream