Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Portal 2 Proposal

Gary Hudson Proposed to his wife in Portal 2

As you've just seen [SPOILER if you haven't yet] Gary made three custom Portal 2 levels for his wife in corporation with Valve. He even got the real voice actress of GLaDOS to help. It's really neat how she says all of these (to us) obvious hints that he is proposing such as "to ensure that you are fully engaged please relax and take your time.." amazing stuff!

Best of wishes to them both!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Red Hot Chili Peppers New Album: I'm With You

It's been five years!

I'm a huge Chili Peppers fan, and I've been ever since one of my friends introduced it to me 7-10 years ago. Today i saw that RHCP's had just released a new album called I'm With You. It got a 4 out of 6 star rating on the danish music magazine "Gaffa" which is pretty good, i haven't heard any of the songs yet but i'm going to check it out in a minute. Gaffa mentioned that the new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer doesn't play as well as John did, they even said that one of his solos: sounded like a cat being pulled in it's tail. Not very nice. Other than that the rest of the album should be really good, so i'm looking forward to hearing it. I'm also currently reading Anthony Kiedis' (the lead singer) Biography "Scar Tissue" and i'm loving it! There's a lot of cool stories and a nice drug oriented morale, as well at stories of his exiting and pretty "terrible" sex life

Image from  PrettyMuchAmazing [source]

Go check out the album, and go rent the book at your library it's amazing!

Eye Candy - Imorgen Thomas in a Swim Suit

Oh mamma! 

This my good sir, is Imorgen Thomas.. in a swim suit!!
She's a British broad with a nice rack, what more can i say?

Link to the rest of the images here!

Link to the rest of the images here!
Image from WWTDD [source]

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lollipop Chainsaw, a Mini Skrit Wearing Zombie Killing Cheerleader

You thought you had seen it all, and then this game came along

Grasshopper Manufacture, is rolling out it's new game Lollipop Chainsaw. Our main character just turned 18 and instead of celebrating with cake and presents, she's going to graphically molest Zombies!

The game looks like a mix of Dead Rising and Bayonetta, with a spicy main character.
The gameplay looks really boring and repetitive, but these kinds of games tend to be a lot funnier to play than to watch (and i haven't tried it).
The gameplay consists of kicking off combo after combo, while killing zombie after zombie.
Several bossfights have been promised, and we have seen a glimpse of one of them: a Punk Rock Zombie who uses his microfone stand as a weapon. When he attacks he shouts curse words into the mic and they appear as giant text flying towards you, Awesome!

Juliet can wield different weapons so far we've seen pompons and her trusty chainsaw, when she finishes off an enemy they burst with glitter (and blood) as well as spraying confetti.
I don't really know what to make of this game, if it's the kind you like go get it! I know i'm not.

Image from GossipGamers [Source]

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Halo 4 Announced!

Bungie just announced another Halo trillogy.

Not much has been said but the next three games will focus on "The Reclaimer"
It's is know that Master Chief was called "The Reclaimer" by "Guilty Spark" an AI form the first Halo game. But it has not been confirmed that he will have anything to do with the next additions.

What do you think should Halo have ended, or are you happy with further expansion of the Halo universe?

Image source [Flacito]

Minecraft 1.8 Update gets split into two parts

IGN just got a new video showing footage of the 1.8/1.9 update

Notch himself is presenting it, and showing off the new features
It looks really cool have a look

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get ready for Blue Mountain State Season 3, My Favorite TV-Show!

It's like a American Pie TV-Show
BMS is all about girls, partying and adventure (and a bit of football)

The Series evolves around our five main characters: Alex, Thad, Sammy, Mary Jo & Radon
Id say that Alex is the lead character, he's a backup quarterback for The Blue Mountain State Football Team. But he's not the ordinary jock, because Alex "is willing to do a lot of work to do nothing" The only reason he's on the Football Team is the cheerleaders and fan girls. He's willing to cut classes and end up as a gym teacher just like his dad, as long as he gets laid as much as possible the next three years. And he does!

Alex best friend Sammy is the fool of the show, he's really funny and does a lot of the more wacky things. His Sister Mary Jo, joins the school later in the series and it turns into a romance between her and Alex (but it doesn't last long (remember? the show is about girls and parties not relationships))
The Captain of the football team Thad Castle is one of the funniest characters on the show, he's this giant jock, who acts like a child and screams like a little girl. The relationship between Thad and Alex is the kind of friendly rivalry, where they officially hate each other but yet they are always on their different adventures together.

Denise Richards is also on the show and by looking at the BMS twitter feed, she is going to feature a lot more often in Season 3. Don't know what i think about that, she wasn't really interesting in the series, and yet she gets a mention in every 8 out 10 BMS tweet just because she is famous. 

I definitely recommend you check it out, it is with-out-a-doubt my favorite TV-Show
Season 3 Airs on Spike TV: Oct 20, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

LOL - League of Legends Gets a Facelife & The New Champion Talon Joins the Fight

League of legends were hit by a giant patch

Most of the interfaces in LOL have been modified, to be more streamlined and smooth so you don't have to waste any time. The most noticeable is the Purchase screen and the stats screen, very cool!

Alongside this a new Champion: Talon has joined the League of Legends. Talon is a fighter, assassin who looks a terrible lot like Ezio from Assassins Creed. He focuses mostly around, stealth and dps. I played a couple of matches against him today and his Abilities are very effective.

With PAX happening, we wont have to wait much longer for the next big thing to happen for LOL: Dominion

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Rihanna might have a sex tape!

This would be big news indeed

The porn site Hustler claims to be in possession of video footage on which Rihanna is having sex with rapper J. Cole.
Hustler tweeted: "We have seen it and we do not know what we are going to do with it yet"
This could be because they want to create awareness around the tape, and spark possible buyers (some people (rich creeps probably) would pay loads and loads of money for stuff like that)
Maybe they don't know what to do with it because it might be illegal, we still don't know how they got it, or if they've got it at all.

Check in sometime in the future for any further updates

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amazing Half-Life Fan Movie!

Check it out!

Apparently they made it with a budget of 250$ and donated programs

Easter eggs:
At 04:16 you can see the infamouse GMan from garrys mod chilling on a building

At 04:22 theres a pink floyd reference on the blackboard

Gay Marriage will be available in Skyrim

When asked the question if you could marry the same-sex in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Peter Hines (Bethesda's PR) replied that of course you can, you can marry anyone you like.
Click to enhance
He followed up on that tweet writing: "Sorry, should clarify. Not any NPC, just mean any male of female. Doesn't matter what you'r playing."

And of course you can: Bethesda is trying to create a "realistic" world, so a little gay love wont harm anyone. No Westboro Baptist Church not even you.

To be honest i didn't even know that you could marry anyone at all, so it seems that there are special characters that you can marry, which makes it a much more interesting instead of this any random NPC marriage.
I definitely like the way Mass Effect handles romances as opposed to Fable

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2013 Pixars new movie - Planes a Cars Spinoff

The Disney Pixar movie "Cars" was extraordinary. I know a lot of people doesn't look upon it too kindly, but i myself liked it, and im an average guy, and it is one of their best selling movies, so..

Well in a couple of years. Two to be precise.  Pixar is rolling out an addition to the world of "Cars".
A trailer has been released on YouTube by Pixar them selves. It later has been taken down. Maybe they are having second thoughts?

To view the trailer click on the image, it's going to take you to who's sill got it up

By the looks of it the movie is going to evolve around... lets call him Yellow.
Yellow is an old WWII style fighter plane, who's got the classic "Disney main character personality", as the trailer says "all the curage in the world". He's also quirky and funny, the perfect main character. Alongside him on the aircraft carrier are a couple of Jet Fighter planes, who are indubently going to bring a lot of cool action scenes and stunts

Another of my posts: The dumber you are the better a fighter pilot you will be

The animations and the effects looks mindboggelig, only surpassed by their other in progress movie Brave
I do have my doubts with this movie, although not as much as the guy at (he's raging mad) Planes isn't going to be featured in the cinema but instead released directly on DVD/Blue-ray which is never a good sign.
But nothings gonna ruin a good movie like a pessimistic predjudism. So rent that sucker in 2013 (if we haven't all been killed by then) and enjoy it. It is a Pixar movie after all

Click to read my post: 2011 Pixar's New Movie "Brave"

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eye Candy - Katy Perry in a Rubber Outfit

Katy perry attended some fancy dinner party wearing an outfit made completely out of rubber!

Link to the rest of the pictures here

Click me

Link to the rest of the pictures here

See your flat-screen TV on your wall before buying it!

Sony just revealed a new piece of software called Argumented Reality.

Augmented Reality, requires you to take a photo of the place where you want your TV, and it automatically adds it to the picture, this allows for customers to try out different sizes and see their effect on your room.
How this works is: You print out a A4 piece of paper with a special markin on it. This is then eighter hung or placed on the location where you want your TV. Argumented Reality then scans the picture and adds a tv

Check out this video for further explanation.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Apple's new headquarters are pure Science Fiction

With more money than the country of America, Apple can afford a little bit of bling

Cupertine, CA is gonna be a place worth a visit in a couple of years. Why? you might ask. It's simple really: Apple is building new headquarters and it's going to be amazing!
Majestic isn't it?
The building will be called "Apple Campus 2"
The Apple Campus will feature: a 1,000 seat auditorium for keynotes and other presentations, a fitness center, 300.000 square feet of research facilities and its own power plant!
The Campus will house 12.000 employees and it will be ready in 2015

Check out these photos!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011 Pixar's new movie "Brave"

Brave, involves around the female heroine Princess Merida, who's is set to marry a man from one of the other tribes, as three "contestants" show up at the castle and she denies all of them.

A witch offers to help but it turns out she sets a curse on Merida's people putting them at the verge of war against one another, and it's up to Merida to find the Witch and stop the curse. The preview looks impressive, so this might just be another Pixar hit wonder

The movie is going to feature the classic Disney humor, as mentioned by IGN
"We watch as each man takes his turn, one by one, with comical results. When one of them makes an imperfect shot, he screams out and angrily throws his bow away, towards the crowd, and we hear a voice yell, "I got it, I got it!" like they caught a foul ball."

Click here to watch the preview
Pixars New Movie - Planes a Cars Spinoff

Simon and Lewis - The Yogscast in real life

After a good year of faithful watching, we finally get to see their real faces

Doing mostly "let's plays", and "gaming commentary" Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast, hasn't shown their faces that much in their videos or on the web altogether. We've seen a couple of photos and one specifically hilarious video of Simons reaction to DeadMau5's Jaffa cake rant

But then something amazing happende: Gamescom!
Mojang Specifications, contacted Simon and Lewis, and asked them to fill in for them at the Sony Ericsson Experia Play Booth. And thankfully they said yes!

So theres a whole set of 7-10 videos of them running around Gamescom "trying" to be all professional. But heck they did even get a proper interview done!

Make sure to read: Minecraft 1.9 - Yogscast Videos

And: Dead Island 2 By the Yogscast


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Why Emma Watson is my top, Sexy, Hot, Beautiful / Personality Actress

She is so natural! No more talk more pictures!

She's even cute with short hair!

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What Notch is doing when he isn't programming Minecraft

Right now, right this instant!

You can go watch Notch code a new game, for a 48 hour game development competition called Ludum Dare, the theme of the games have to be "escape" and Notch is making a classic Doom/Wolfenstein "Dungeon Crawler"

Go watch it on TwitchTV here

There is a constant of 6000-10000 people watching, and a majority of them is chatting away, asking questions, while only a lucky few gets them answered by Notch himself as he is busy coding away.

Currently 14:57 Paris time: Notch has written a sign saying "Buying food, then eating it." then he drew a horrible drawing of a burger and added an arrow pointing at the burger with the words "burger" explaining the situation!

For anyone curious: the software he is using is: Eclipse &


15:07 Paris time: Notch changed the text to saying: "I'm actually eating chicken instead yumz"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Mojang vs Bethesda Lawsuit just got interesting

For lille less than a month ago (The Elder Scrolls, Quake, Rage's) Bethesda's lawyers informed (Minecraft's) Mojang that the title of their upcoming game: scrolls, interfered with Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series and that they where willing to go to court.

Today Notch posted a challenge on his Tumblr. Comparing the situation to an episode of Game of thrones, Notch challenges Bethesda's three best players against Mojang's three best players in a game of Quake. The terms: If Mojang wins: Bethesda drops the lawsuit. If Mojang wins: the name of "Scrolls"will be changed to something they both agrees on.

He ends off the post reassuring that he's got a piece of paper on which it says that Scrolls can be proven to not be interfering in "The Elder Scrolls" series.

This is just badass! Something that only happens when indie developers with a sense of humor gets to play with the big boys.
If Bethesda takes up the challenge they will be fighting against Mojang in a game they made them selves.

Lets hope they do!

LOL - League of Legends Dominion

After thousands of requests Riot finally releases a new map

Not only does a new map get added to LOL also a new gamemode!

A classic capture and hold in the best Arathi Basin (World of Warcraft) style, the two teams of 6 compete to hold 5 points on the map. Holding a point will decrease the enemy teams base's hitpoints. Riot says that the game will be a lot more competitive focusing on small 10-20min pvp battles, with higher gold outcome (it will be able to purchase expencive items such as infinity edge 12min into the game)

Great Free2Play Games

The map will be released Sep. 1. for free. I recommend checking it out, i know i will!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Sims Social, just hit Facebook!

Ea are going nuts with Facebook games, and one of their biggest franchises just joined the fun

With the many Facebook out there, the competition is hard. They all want you to log in every 30 minute, to water your flowers, harvest your crops, upgrade your barracks or what ever. So what does The Sims Social offer that is different and exciting. Well first of all it looks great and it runs even greater. Everything works just right. Secondly its probably the most social Facebook yet, it is for me the first I've seen where you can interact with your friends.
Compared to a regular Sims game, like Sims 3 it lacks a bit of entertainment, keep in mind this is a free Facebook game so it doesn't really matter that much.
It reminds me a lot of The Sims Bustin' Out, a console game released a few years back.

So.. in The Sims Social, you are allowed to create one Sim, to represent your self. This Sim gets a house to live in, with a dirty backyard and an even messier pavement. When you do stuff like talk to friends, practice guitar and so on you use up your energy, this energy is refilled by one energy pr. 4th minute. Stuff like sleeping, eating, shitting and showering wont drain energy but will give you "inspiration" (the normal energy in The Sims 3)
The game is still in open beta so it is very unstably at the moment, (myself keeps getting stuck at the 35% loading)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The dumber you are the better a fighter pilot you will be


Indeed! Partially.. Well let me explain: This morning i watched an episode of Mad Labs, a fun science program. Their theory is that if you take a bug like the grasshopper and compare it to a top gun, the response time of the grasshopper is much faster, this is needed for the grasshopper to fly in their huge formations (The largest grasshopper swarm (Locust) covered hundreds of square miles and contained billions of grasshoppers) 

Funny enough the reason for this amazing response time is lack of intelligence: Say, we take a fighter pilot, and put him in a plane. As he is in the sky, we make a giant ball appear right in front of him, his brain is instantly going to process a whole lot of data: naturally it's going to send signals to avoid the ball, but also the pilot is going to think: "what the hell was that?, is that a ball?, where did it come from?" and so on. He's also gonna try to remember the special breathing technique that he's learned, to prevent blacking out due the the high amount of G-force he's going to experience when the plane turns, all of these things are happening simultaneously in his brain, just like if you try launching your web browser, it's gonna start up pretty fast, but if you launch your web browser simultaneously with all your other programs its gonna take a while.

The Grasshopper on the other hand, doesn't think at all, all that happens in it's head if we make a giant ball appear in front of it is: avoid.
To test this scientists put the grasshopper in a special holder, in front it they put a small TV screen, that showed images of a 3D world, when the grasshopper started flying the computer would read it's movements, and the 3D world would react accordingly. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Playing Diablo III might just make you filthy rich

Blizzard is adding real money transactions to the Diablo III Auction House

In World of Warcraft you can sell the rare items you find in the game, for virtual money on the games Auction House. Blizzards upcoming game Diablo III is going to feature the same kind of auction house, only, the transactions will be with real money.

This is going to drastically increase the excitement of finding an extremely rare item drop. The auction house will be separated between regions, (for legal purposes) but the variety of items you can buy will still be massive. Blizzard said that they plan on making the auction house entirely player driven, allowing the marked to naturally grow.

It's been predicted that the prices at first will be sky high due to the small amount competition but as more people quickly join the fun, it will balance out. When the "iPhone app store" first launched the prices were ridiculous, but over time the large number of products competing have caused the prices to drop.

But hold your horses just yet. Don't start planning buying expensive Yachts or beach buggys. First of all blizzard is charging you for: putting the item up for sale, transferring the item to another player, cashing the money. Secondly the money you make will at first only be available to spend on buying other blizzard games and later for selected third party games. Sadly no deal have been made with Paypal so that you could cash the money in real life. So ultimately this whole deal is a waste of time.