Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Mojang vs Bethesda Lawsuit just got interesting

For lille less than a month ago (The Elder Scrolls, Quake, Rage's) Bethesda's lawyers informed (Minecraft's) Mojang that the title of their upcoming game: scrolls, interfered with Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series and that they where willing to go to court.

Today Notch posted a challenge on his Tumblr. Comparing the situation to an episode of Game of thrones, Notch challenges Bethesda's three best players against Mojang's three best players in a game of Quake. The terms: If Mojang wins: Bethesda drops the lawsuit. If Mojang wins: the name of "Scrolls"will be changed to something they both agrees on.

He ends off the post reassuring that he's got a piece of paper on which it says that Scrolls can be proven to not be interfering in "The Elder Scrolls" series.

This is just badass! Something that only happens when indie developers with a sense of humor gets to play with the big boys.
If Bethesda takes up the challenge they will be fighting against Mojang in a game they made them selves.

Lets hope they do!

LOL - League of Legends Dominion

After thousands of requests Riot finally releases a new map

Not only does a new map get added to LOL also a new gamemode!

A classic capture and hold in the best Arathi Basin (World of Warcraft) style, the two teams of 6 compete to hold 5 points on the map. Holding a point will decrease the enemy teams base's hitpoints. Riot says that the game will be a lot more competitive focusing on small 10-20min pvp battles, with higher gold outcome (it will be able to purchase expencive items such as infinity edge 12min into the game)

Great Free2Play Games

The map will be released Sep. 1. for free. I recommend checking it out, i know i will!